QALounge QALounge, for executives and engineers, shares QA strategies, methodologies and new ideas to inform and help effectively deliver quality products, websites, and applications. QALounge’s authors are the test management experts at QASource. They are executives, QA managers, team leads, and testing practitioners. Their combined experience exceeds 100 years and they know how to optimize QA efforts in a variety of industries, domains, tools, and technologies.
Satisfice, Inc.
Satisfice, Inc. The Satisfice blog is written by James Bach. James specializes in consulting and teaching software testing and quality assurance, and also owns Satisfice, Inc. This blog covers many topics; agile, automation, bug investigation and reporting, ethics, exploratory testing, metrics, management, skills, test coverage, test oracles and so much more. Many of his blogs have quotes & links to additional resources to prove his points.
The Official Sauce Labs Blog
The Official Sauce Labs Blog Sauce Labs created a platform that makes Selenium testing, JavaScript, Unit testing, manual testing and mobile application testing hassle-free. Their blog is updated almost daily and full of great learning material, as well as announcements for workshops and other events to help you grow your QA skills. Whether you are a QA expert, or new to QA, this blog will have information relevant to all QA testers.
SmartBear SmartBear software provides tools for software developers, QA engineers and IT professionals. SmartBear writes a blog post daily, and provides humor to the blogs to make them easy to read. Some blogs even come with a video if you are not in the mood to read an article. We really enjoy reading their blogs and hope, you enjoy them as well.
The Official Selenium Blog
The Official Selenium Blog Looking to learn more about Selenium Testing? Then this is the place to go. The official selenium blog posts do not occur very often, but they are full of great information and easy to go to past archives to find the information you are looking for. There are many great articles that teach you everything you would want to know about selenium testing. There are also some great webinars and google hangouts of QA professionals sharing their knowledge and experiences. If you would like to learn more about selenium testing, then this is the blog for you.
Jonathan Kohl Blog
Jonathan Kohl Blog Jonathan Kohl blog is posted on his consulting website. He focuses on teamwork and process; two important components for a successful QA team. His blogs are typically longer than most, but they are full of insightful information and worth taking the time to read.
Mantis Blog
Mantis Blog Mantis is a free web-based bug tracking system written in PHP. “This blog is dedicated to communicating news and conducting discussions relating to Mantis Bug Tracker, it may also discuss issues relating to software development in general”( ). If you would like to learn more about Mantis or bug tracking, then this is the place for you. Their Archives go all the way back to 2007 and are updated about once a month.
Thinking Tester
Thinking Tester Thinking Tester is written by Shrini Kulkarni. Shrini is a software test architect who has been working in the testing industry for a long time. His blogs are fairly quick to read and easy to follow. Some of his writings are incredibly deep and not on other blogging websites. A quote from his website that sums up his biography pretty well is “A Tester Driven by Curiosity and Relentless Question ‘What If’” (
DevelopSense Blog
DevelopSense Blog DevelopSense blog is written by Michael Bolton. Michael offers consulting services and courses in software testing and development. Michael Bolton’s blog has been around since 2004 and covers all sorts of testing and development topics. The website is very practical and easy to go back into previous blogs to find a topic you are looking for.
Test Obsessed
Test Obsessed Test Obsessed is written by Elisabeth Hendrickson. We have had the pleasure of getting to know Elisabeth and she is much respected in the Agile, Testing and Agile testing. She wrote her first line of code in 1980 and has held tester, developer, manager, and QA director positions throughout her career. If you would like to make your QA process more efficient, then this is the place to start. Her blogs are full of great information and easy to follow.
Questioning Software Blog
Questioning Software Blog Questioning Software blog is written by Ben Simo. Ben describes himself as “A tester, a skeptic, a defensive pessimist”. His blog contains some deep ideologies and provides some insight into his theories. His blog gives you the opportunity to agree or disagree with a point, and is very informative with current topics. His writing is detailed and easy to follow. There are some great blog posts on here that you should check out.